What differentiates high-quality, custom furniture? 

- Created for your specific situation - taking into consideration space, aesthetics, use and budget

- Quality materials such as solid wood, high grade metal and tempered glass

- High quality, state-of-the-art hardware that does not break or wear out

- Pieces that are designed and constructed based on sound building, layout and mechanical principles

- Finishes that are selected based on your specific needs for color, texture, matching and touch

At MZ3D we strive to do all of the above. As you can imagine, this take more time and care, but the result is work that shows its quality —
in attention to detail, thoughtful process and pieces that last.


What makes a furniture or cabinetry purchase environmentally responsible (ER)  and politically correct (PC)? 

- Using as many recycled materials as possible

- Using less toxic finishes like water-based and oils finishes rather than lacquer

- Using locally grown and sustainably harvested wood

- Buying supplies from local sources

- Employing local, legal labor to create, build and install furniture and cabinetry

- Supporting local artisans, craftsman and small businesses